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She's History

Patsy Young and Stephanie Hart

Moor's Brewing Company is celebrating the remarkable legacy of Patsy Young, a formerly enslaved Black woman who forged her freedom in the North through her mastery of brewing beer through their partnership with the conference. Patsy's story is one of resilience and skill; not only did her brewing expertise, along with her talents in cooking, weaving, and sewing, sustain her as a free woman for nearly fifteen years, but it also challenged the historical narrative around early American beer production. Traditionally associated with the founding fathers, the actual craft of brewing was, in fact, significantly shaped by the hands of enslaved individuals and laborers. 

In addition to dedicating the conference to an ancestor, Patsy Young, it is also dedicated to living her story maker, Stephanie Hart, Founder of Brown Sugar Bakery and the only Black woman-owned chocolate manufacturer in the United States. Hart, who has supported the conference since its inception as the keynote speaker for the first year and returned as a panelist for the second year, will be recognized for her notable firsts in achievements. Her journey with the conference is a testament to her dedication and influence to make room for the next generation of Black women.

Stephanie Hart Headshot.jpg
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